A Physiotherapy Clinic's Google Ads Success Story

Awesome Physio Therapy is a leading provider of physiotherapy services, dedicated to improving the well-being of patients through personalized care and innovative treatments.


Before implementing Google Ads, they faced challenges in reaching potential patients online. With increasing competition, the clinic sought to enhance its online presence, attract new patients, and increase appointment bookings.

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Overview The Goals

The Approach

• Create campaigns for each service and location

• used call tracking metrics for converion tracking and right attribution.

Action Steps

Targeted Keywords: Conducted thorough keyword research to identify relevant terms such as “physiotherapy services,” “physical rehabilitation,” “sports injury treatment” and may other converting keywords.

Geotargeting: Implemented geotargeting to focus ads on the clinic’s local area, ensuring that the campaign reached potential patients in the vicinity.

Ad Extensions: Utilized ad extensions to provide additional information, including services offered, clinic hours, and contact details.

Mobile Optimization: Recognizing the prevalence of mobile searches, optimized ads for mobile devices to capture users on the go.


Compelling Ad Copy: Crafted engaging ad copy highlighting the clinic’s expertise, personalized approach, and commitment to patient care.

Landing Page Optimization: Ensured that the landing page provided a seamless and informative experience for users, encouraging them to schedule appointments easily.

Conversion Tracking: Implemented conversion tracking to measure the success of different ad campaigns and optimize for higher conversion rates.


In just Three month, my client saw amazing results!

Click-Through Rate (CTR): Increased CTR by 20% within the first month.

Conversion Rate: Achieved a conversion rate of 17% to 25%, indicating a significant number of users taking desired actions, such as scheduling appointments.

Cost per Conversion: Reduced the cost per conversion by 37%, maximizing the campaign’s efficiency.

Appointment Bookings: Experienced a 30% increase in appointment bookings directly attributed to the Google Ads campaign.


We are partner with Google

Our team comprises Google Certified Professionals who have demonstrated advanced knowledge and expertise in Google Ads. Rest assured, your campaigns are in the hands of qualified and skilled individuals


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The cost of online marketing varies based on several factors. Each client has a designated budget, determined by the scope of service areas. The expenditure is influenced by the desired monthly lead count and the level of competitiveness in the local area.

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Yes, We are also have very good expertise at it. Having good tracking setup also one of the prerequisite of launching campaign.

Once more, this is assessed on a “per case” basis. With a budget of $1,000, it’s possible to exhaust the entire amount in a day without proper knowledge. When we oversee your Google Ads, we establish daily limits aligned with your monthly lead objectives.

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